Webtel’s Journey since year 2000

Year of Incorporation 2000 Webtel’s Journey since year 2000 Small steps, launched Money Control, software for Recovery Agents.

2002 Income Tax Department made it mandatory for corporates to file their TDS Returns in electronic format. We were amongst India’s First Companies to launch “ Web-e-TDS”.

2004 Launched “Web-e-Tax” an Integrated Software for 'e' Filing of Income Tax Returns

2006 Web-e-Tax Also became India’s FIRST Licensed Registration Authority of MTNL TRUSTLINE. Webtel proceeded with Digital Signature Certificates. Today we are R.A. of ‘e’ Mudhra

2006 Digital Signature Certificates Three new crowns were added:
Web-e-Manager – A Virtual Office for Professionals

2008 Web-e-Manager Web-M-VAT – Complete Software Solution for Management of Maharashtra VAT

2008 Web-M-VAT Web-D-VAT – Complete Software Solution for Management of Delhi VAT

2008 Web-D-VAT Goldmine

2009 Goldmine "Webtel Premium SMS Alert Service” was introduced.

2009 Webtel Premium SMS Alert Service “Web-XBRL” for XBRL Financial Reporting was launched.

2011 Web-XBRL Launch of Software for Cost XBRL - “Web-Cost-XBRL”

2012 Web-Cost-XBRL Launch of Software for E-filings at MCA- “Web MCA-e-filing”

2012 Web MCA-e-filing Launch of Software for “Payroll Management ”

2012 Payroll Management Education Wing of Webtel was started with the name “Webtel Academy ”

2012 Webtel Academy Companies Act, 2013 replaced Companies Act,1956
Launch of “Companies Law - e- Ready Reckoner”

2013 Companies Law - e- Ready Reckoner Got recognition in U.K. and Registered on HMRC U.K.
Brought in “i-XBRL” – software for Corporation Tax Filings

2014 software for Corporation Tax Filings The Utility for BULK SMS broadcasting was developed and showcased as “SMS Utility”

2015 SMS Utility Inset for launch of software “Compliance Dashboard” to meet Regular Compliances under various Acts & Laws

2016 Compliance Dashboard

About Us

WEBTEL ELECTROSOFT PVT. LTD. is a company engaged in providing complete Software and Knowledge Process Outsourcing Solutions and a host of other IT Enabled Services.