Hands on Training in XBRL

XBRL tagging is complex and doing so properly requires proper knowledge of accounting standards, Business Rules, in addition to understanding XBRL. In today's Scenario stringent penalties have been formulated as per the Companies Act, 2013 to curb out the wrong practices in XBRL and to create an edge in XBRL Reporting.

We at Webtel always thrived to serve our Customers with our Best Support and Service and with that Vision we provide "Hands on Training Session" in XBRL. The Workshops, Seminars, Webinars are delivered by the highly efficient Teams of CAs, CS and CWA etc. with an experience of more than 8 years in the Industry.

We are the Highly Recognized and Recommended Company in XBRL having an experience of 6 years for XBRL Reporting in INDIA and of more than 8 Years of Experience in US XBRL (US GAAP).

"Quality is not a word to us, it's our Virtue"

Our Quality Services in XBRL Training facilitates you with the Following:
  • XBRL Meaning & Mandate

What is XBRL?

  • Applicability & Regulatory Requirements.
  • Applicability of Cost Audit
  • Terminology, Taxonomy (including Cost Taxonomy)

Key Concepts of Taxonomies.

  • Indian GAAP Taxonomy 2016
  • Terms used in XBRL (Abstract, Axis, Domain, Member etc.)
  • Explicit Table & Implicit Table
  • Tagging / Mapping Process
    • Block Tagging Versus Detailed Tagging
    • Rules for Tagging
    • Common Tagging Errors & Precautions.
    • PDF Analysis
  • XBRL Instance Document Creation: Live Demo
    • Creation of Instance Document.
    • Validation of Instance Document.
    • Pre-scrutiny of Instance Document.
    • Removal of Errors.
    • Attachment of XBRL-XML in Forms AOC-4.
    • Statutory attachments in forms.
  • Hands on Practical Training on Laptops
    • Practical Session on Conversion of Financial Statements into XBRL Instance Document.
  • Quality Tagging & Audit assurance: Need of the Hour.
    • Approach to Quality Tagging
    • Guidance note on Certification of XBRL Data
  • Interactive Session and Summing up

We not only stops here, we provide “Study Materials” which are designed to affiliate our Customers with the Concept and Dimensions in XBRL. These Study Materials are specially customized to effectively serve the purpose of various groups like Auditors, Regulators, Companies, and Practicing Professionals etc.

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