Introduction to XBRL

New Language for Financial Reporting Mandatory for some companies to file Balance sheet in XBRL format from FY 2010-11 and Onwards.
Do you understand Chinese, Japanese, Malayalam or Kannada? Most of us do not understand them. English is the standard language all over the world. When we talk about reporting, everyone is using different formats and means like Excel, Word, PDF etc. Take for example, Annual Reports of Companies. Schedule VI permits preparation of balance sheet in both horizontal and vertical format. Most of us make it in Excel and Word but in different ways. Someone makes Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Notes and Grouping on a single Excel Sheet. Another may use different excel sheets. Some other may use only Notes and not Grouping. Then terminology may vary. One may use the word "Sundry Debtors" and someone else may refer to it by "Receivables". How can a non-accounting person or a computer know that both mean the same. In short, there is no standardisation. This makes analysis of balance sheets of different companies very difficult. It seems that we take the tag of Unity in Diversity used for our country too seriously in reporting also.

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XBRL Outsourcing

XBRL Outsourcing fees varies as per the complexity level

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XBRL Training

Who should attend Chartered Accountants whether in job

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XBRL Software

A Complete Software Solution for Preparation

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XBRL Products

Complexity to Simplicity
A Complete Software Solution for Preparation & Filing of Annual Report in XBRL format ( Mandatory for ALL Listed Cos. & their Indian Subsidiaries and Unlisted Cos with Capital of Rs. 5 cr or more or Sales of Rs. 100 cr or more).


A Complete Software Solution for Preparation & Filing of Annual Report in XBRL format

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Web Cost –XBRL

A Complete Software Solution for Preparation of Cost Audit & Cost Compliance

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Simplified Management and Reporting Tool

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To Mr. Hemchand Joshi, We are thankful to you and appreciate for co-ordinating with us in solving our query related to XBRL. Thanking you and assuring you of our best co-operation at all times.

- - Kulin Mehta/ Nilesh Jain, Amsmart Consultants LLP

The feedback of Mr. Rahil regarding resolving of the XBRL errors is outstanding.

- Laveena Jain, MNK & Associates, Company Secretaries

To Daleep, I am really thankful to you for resolving my XBRL sheet error. Thank you very much.

- SUMIT GUPTA & ASSOCIATES, Company Secretaries

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Glimpses of XBRL Knowledge Awareness Programs at ICAI, ICSI, ICWAI

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ICAI constituted an expert group in 2007 for implementation of XBRL in India. XBRL India is the local established jurisdiction of XBRL International. The tree structure of reporting in XBRL is called Taxonomy. It is generally based on some standard rules and regulations like IFRS.

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